Andrew McDonough at your School!

Andrew is always up for a School Visit.

In these visits he tells lots of stories, draws for and with the kids. He shows original artwork, and have loads of fun! Andrew will adapt his presentation and interaction to the age group, so all levels of primary school can be involved over the day long visit.

In 2020, we have the following focus times, but if these dates don’t suit, ask anyway and let’s see what we can do!

Term 1 EASTER – 30th March to 9th April (lots of Easter stories to use here!)

Term 2 REFUGEE WEEK – 15 to 19th June (‘Image of God’, ‘Jesus was a Refugee’ and the ‘Good Samaritan’ are great for Refugee Week.)

Term 3 BOOK WEEK - 24th, 25th and 26th August are still available (this week books up quick, get in fast!)

Term 4 CHRISTMAS - 23rd November to 4th December (loads of Christmas stories)

What’s included?

Full day visits can include assemblies or chapel messages, devotions with staff and of course workshops for classes. These workshops can go for 45-55 minutes and can include up to 2 classes or up to 50 students at a time. Full day means bell to bell, we can’t have him slacking off.

What’s the cost?

Full day visit $850
Interstate travel and accommodation expenses $375
Total cost when outside South Australia $1225 (inc GST)


What the teachers said!

"All of our students loved having author and illustrator Andrew McDonough visit our school. Students were able to see, learn and understand about the book making process. Andrew kept students of all ages (R-7) captivated with his vibrantly illustrated stories, life experiences and drawing prowess."
Tania Schutz
Redeemer Lutheran College Nuriootpa S.A.

"Fabulous. The students, staff and grandparents thoroughly enjoyed Andrew’s presentations at the assembly and to each class. It was so much fun, Andrew makes his stories come alive, he uses so much  expression for the different characters. He had complete control of every class so the teachers could relax and enjoy the sessions as well. For the dollars paid it was absolute value for money!"
Jenny Pfeiffer
The Good Shepherd Lutheran College Angaston S.A.

What the Kids Say.

"Your drawings are the best drawings I have ever seen."
Dwayne Yr1

"When Andrew McDonough comes to visit it is like a feast. When you read his books they’re like a hamburger. They have so many layers and you enjoy all of it. Once you start you don’t want to stop."
Jacob Yr5

"I really enjoyed Andrew McDonough’s visit because we could do heaps of cool things. We did drawing and making stories and we learnt the structure of a story and how to plan one."
Patrick Yr 7

"It was fun when we did the actions to Zac. I really enjoyed your fantastic session."
Di Yr3

"I loved Andrew McDonough’s visit. He took us on a journey from outback Australia to Mount Everest; from the paddock to the pond and from Earth to Heaven and back."
Trinity Yr5

Speaking Fees

Full day visit $850.
Interstate travel expenses $375.
Total cost when outside S.A. $1225 (inc. GST)

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