Terms of Use

Lost Sheep aims to provide high quality affordable resources. There are significant costs involved in creating these materials, and our only funding comes through sales. We do not solicit or receive donations from any other sources. In short, we rely on the integrity of those who buy our materials to fund the production of more stories, teaching resources and activities. If you value Lost Sheep – you know what to do!

Our resources are intended for use in both public and private settings by the person or group who subscribes to or buys our materials. We hope that you will use the resources widely in your church and in the community, but don’t just pass our materials on to others for their ministry. Instead, direct your friends to our website. If you’re not sure what is allowed, please email us.

WHAT’S OK: Materials may be printed off for home, church, school or group use. School subscribers may upload the files to the internal school computer system. The digital storytelling kit and other images are intended for use in public settings. If you want to use a Lost Sheep story as the script for a school or church play, that is fine. We just ask that the church or school owns a copy of the story (either as a book or a digital Story Telling Kit), and please send us some pictures so we can enjoy it too!

WHAT’S NOT OK: Emailing, giving or selling files to other people or uploading them to your Facebook page or website with out contacting us. Selling or incorporating Lost Sheep materials into any product for sale (whether they are in a digital or printed format) without receiving prior written permission from us. Using products purchased under a Home Membership in a public setting.

If you would like to include Lost Sheep materials as part of something you are producing please contact us. We also love to hear from, and regularly give materials to, our brothers and sisters around the world who can’t afford to purchase resources. We love to hear from friends in ministry and see how we can work together.


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Email us at info@lostsheep.com.au

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Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with any downloadable product you have purchased from the Lost Sheep web store, please email us at info@lostsheep.com.au within 30 days for a full refund.